Ethno Pakistan

In 1992 I moved over to the Baltic States and researched the traditional music around Lithuania and Belorussia.
Later, I enrolled on a B.A. course in Contemporary Music at Nottingham Trent University (U.K.), and was able to do research in India and Pakistan to collect data on Religious music, especially Qawwali.
I wanted to go deeper into non-European music do I chose the Ney (flute) to explore this musical system.
After researching Ney music in Istanbul I completed his M.A in Ethnomusicology at Limerick University. My thesis entitled “A Step towards the Ney” is a methodology exploring the history, symbolism, Mevlevi Sufis, Ilahi, and technique of the Turkish Ney.
Later to explore different Ethnomusicology topics I went on a research trip to Bali, Indonesia; to take lessons in the Suling Gambu, the long Balinese flute and the music of the Balinese Puppet Theatre.
My research projects in Ethnomusicology resulted in interactive lectures and workshops in various music systems thought the world: South East Asia, Asia, Middle East, North Africa, Russia and Central Asia, the Baltic States, USA and the ex-Soviet Block.
I have given presentations of my research trips in Ireland (Donegal), and the University of Florida (USA).
Currently I am living/visiting Spain and Portugal researching bagpipes and the Ney of the Iberian Peninsula.
With some of my research projects I use the musical and ethnographical information in my own compositions using multimedia in my performances. They can be viewed via the YouTube link in the Contact Page.

Some audio Recordings I have done:


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