Gagnef Sackpipa Meeting. 2011

We were woken at 8am by our host playing a rather long trumpet made from wood/bark, so began the day. After breakfast the players of the sackpipa assembled in various places in the garden and played, talked and discussed all things concerning the sackpipa. In the tent at the bottom of the garden there was reed discussions and maintenance. Groups of pipers found each other and played a few tunes, then they dispersed and played elsewhere with different pipers. Here is a video of the Meeting, short video clips shows the weekend events and a small sample of what the event contained. A series of photographs shows the people who attended, pipes played and group activities. If anyone is watching who is interested in attending the Meeting next year it would be well worth the journey, accommodation is available on site. Hope to see you there next year.

Author: ethnopiper

A Ethnomusicologist and musician of traditional music, Small pipe maker, teacher and workshop presenter ...

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