“The Twa Corbies” & a New Audio Site

I desided to begin a new section for the blog to include mp3s of my demo recordings. These recordings are “work-in-progress”, where I am trying out different melodies on different instruments.

I have often made these recordings in the winter time, or when I have bought a new manuscript or a new instrument…

Sometimes these recordings were done when it was too cold/wet to go out busking and I have had to stay indoors for weeks. It was so cold one winter I had to do the recording in our kitchen by the stove… these recordings I called “Kitchen Recordings”…

I hope to edit and include a variety of recordings I have kept over the years, just to let them be heard. They are not perfect, and they are with some mistakes, but it gives you a chance to listen to the many menlodies I have attempted and tried out.

I am using the website “Audiomack” which is not a folk/traditional music site, but it has a connection with wordpress, and this enables me to include audio-lists instead of the url links. It means you can click on the list to hear the mp3 without being directed to the main site.

The first mp3 is a ballad mellody called, “The Twa Corbies” a sinister ballad with a sinister, yet beautiful melody. If you have the time you can search the title in Wiki and it will give you a good explanation of the ballad. (Here is a link to the Wiki description )

I first heard The Twa Corbies melody being played on a Border Pipe cassette by Gordon Mooney (or was it Hamish Moore?).. i forget, but but it stayed with me and I finally got to learn it one day as I was sitting in the garden as Summer was just coming, in 2015. I had been to a bagpipe festival called “The Blowout” in southern England and I had bought a piping manuscript with this tune in. I played it as the bees were around my feet and the flowers were in bloom.

Author: ethnopiper

A Ethnomusicologist and musician of traditional music, Small pipe maker, teacher and workshop presenter ... https://ethnopiper.wordpress.com/

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