Turkish Ney Classes – Eventbrite

I will be giving an online Turkish Ney class on the 14th November. I have been teaching ney off and on over the years, I enjoy it very much and if the student is interested in the music, as well as the instrument, then it can be rewarding to see the student advance

The online class will be a group event, and hopefully individuals will want private lessons as a follow on. It will be difficult to teach on mass as students learn at different speeds. But it is a way of getting in contact with like minded people and trying to get people playing the Ney.

Due to this covid crises a lot of my activities have closed down, and instead of waiting around to see if it starts up again….if at all, I thought to take advantage of the online technology which is increasing at the moment. The ney is not the easiest of instruments, to say the least, so it is a challenge to teach it online (and often in a different language) but I have done it before and it works…if the student is also prepared to do the work

I am compiling a youtube listening playlist of artists and pieces that I think are useful in playing the ney. There is so much out there at the moment, and it takes forever to go through and see what is to your liking. I was lucky as I had a good guide/s who knew what to look for, if I was starting out today I would be overwhelmed with what to choose to listen to. It is a pity the face to face lessons have stopped now, lets hope in the future they will start again.

If you know of any one who wants to learn Turkish ney and its music, then you can go to the event page in this link Eventbrite Turkish Ney