Lessons are taught either ‘face to face’; via ‘Skype’; via ‘e-mail’ (Notation of music; videos; mp3 recordings; pdf. instructions; email communication)

Turkish Ney Lessons: from beginners level to playing various makams using: ‘Ilahi’, ‘Pesrevs’, ‘Sarki’ ‘Saz Semais’; basic understanding of ‘usul’ (rhythm). For more advanced players please contact me for more info.

Northumbrian Small Pipe Lessons: From beginners level, to playing melodies of 1 octave with variations (Peacock, Bewick, Dixon); to using the 7 keyed chanter; different drone configurations etc.

Border Pipe & Scottish Small Pipe Lessons: Playing from beginners level, to melodies of Dixon, Peacock, Bewick, with variations; attention given to “Border fingering”.

Spanish Gaita Lessons: Learn to play the Spanish bagpipe (Gaita/s), using my experience from various gaitas in Spain I can teach the basic techniques and melodies from Asturias, Galicia, Sanabria, Catalonia, and Galicia.

English Concertina Lessons: Learn a repertoire using the English Concertina. Using music from the Northumbrian and Scottish Border repertoires. Notation, rhythmic bellowing, basic harmonies, feeling the notes.