Beginners Small Pipe Workshop

This is an introductory workshop concentrating on: bellow technique, bag pressure, drone tuning, chanter techniques, maintenance etc. Basic sets of pipes are provided, but if you have your own bring them along. These workshops are useful for anyone thinking to start bellows piping, as they help the student learn important techniques before playing melodies; after these techniques are learned the player can progress onto a repertoire.

Northumbrian and Scottish Small pipe Lessons

Showing the basics of bellows blown bagpipes, from working the bellows and the bag, drone tuning, playing the 7 keyed chanter, a full over view of the pipes, maintenance, reading notation, and playing the historical variation set pieces.

Completed workshops:

Newcastleton Folk Festival 2015
Core Music, Hexham 2015
Newcastleton Folk Festival 2016
Newcastleton Folk Festival 2017
Newcastleton Folk Festival 2018
Newcastleton Folk Festival 2019

Intermediate Small Pipe Workshop

This workshop is for students who have achieved the techniques of the Beginners Small Pipe Workshop. The student will learn melodies from the English and Scottish Borders and begin to build a repertoire for playing in sessions.

Advanced Small Pipe Workshop

This workshop is a continuation of the Intermediate Small Pipe Workshop; the aim is to study various “variation” pieces for the small pipes. By using the Dixon, Bewick, Peacock manuscripts, the student will examine the Scottish and English Border repertoire of the 18th and19th centuries; also a few non UK melodies will be given to expand the repertoire.

Northern Spanish Music Workshop

This is a workshop for any instrument (that can play in the key of C or D) to play music from the northern areas of Spain. The focus is on bagpipe music from regions of Galicia, Asturias, Catalonia, Sanabria, Aragon and Mallorca, but this music is also transferable onto other wind and stringed instruments. The emphasis will be on playing melodies and trying out different styles of music (Xota, Bolero, Muiñeria, etc.). This workshop is based upon my research into Gaita music while living in Spain.

Turkish Ney Workshop

This workshop is dealing with the playing of the open-ended flute, and the makam music of Turkey. It is designed for beginners who want to learn to play either the Turkish Ney. Beginners are welcome; flutes can be provided, but if you have your own bring them along too. The workshop is based on my lessons in the Conservatoire (I.T.U. Istanbul) and will be exploring the “Ilahi” repertoire of Turkish Ney.