Web List

Videos http://www.youtube.com/kevnsp (videos of my musical performances, ethno-music compositions, kayak/sailing videos  etc.)

Newer music videos of myself and other activities https://vimeo.com/ethnopiper/collections

Videos http://www.youtube.com/ethnopiper1 (my videos of other music and performers)

Music files http://soundcloud.com/kevnsp (my Northumbrian, Half-Long, Smallpipe Bagpipe recordings)

Music files http://soundcloud.com/ethnopiper (my Ethnographical recordings)

Music files http://soundcloud.com/englishconcertina (my recordings on English Concertina)

Music files http://soundcloud.com/ethnopiper1 (my recordings on the Iberian Bagpipe) This site is now dead, there will be no more uploads, but music will still be there to listen too.

Music files http://soundcloud.com/ethnopiper-ney (my Open-ended Flute recordings)

A collection of my CDs available on Bandcamp https://ethnopiper.bandcamp.com/

My Instagram site for photos: https://www.instagram.com/ethnopiper/