Turkish Ney Lessons (Audio Examples)

I decided to move my current audio site for my Turkish ney audio examples, that I give to my students for to learn basic melodies, to a new site. Soundcloud is causing problems! This is not the first time that this giant online companies have blocked me from my own material, but it will be the last, time to get rid of them once and for all. I chose Audiomack and it is a lot easier to use and to “get into”!

So I created a “new page” for the blog, and I intend to add to these recordings as I increase my ney notation usage.

I have been editing my Turkish research recently, collected between 1998-2005, there is a lot of it, and besides the editing and organization, there is a lot of creating too, creating lessons and Powerpoint presentations. The research gives me ideas, and this I can use in lesson plans.

Here is a pay-list of my ney recordings (for students), it is not made for listening, but for to get an idea how a melody goes…it is for beginners, but still the melodies are what you put into them, and you can make them as complicated as you wish.